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Special Offers from Property Management Companies

Property management companies renting homes have the task of finding worthwhile clients to live at the property. Taking the time to find quality tenants ensures a successful rental period free of headaches and hassles. But, a good property management company like Catalyst property management know that offering special offers is a tip for success.

Moving from one location to the next is difficult, financially, and otherwise. It’s hard to pay the rent and still save enough money to pay the first month’s rent and a deposit, on top of fees for utilities, Internet, cable, etc. Offering specials to potential tenants makes it easier for them to move, and the offers will ensure they select your property as their rental of choice.

When you offer specials, you also offer the window of opportunity for more tenants. Some people that would love a rental unit may never contact you because they feel they’re unable to come up with all the cash needed to move in. when they know that there are special offers, they will contact you to learn more about the property.

Many special offers and deals can be offered to customers. Most property management companies change their special offers on a monthly basis. This is entirely up to you, however. What kind of special offers can you provide to prospective tenants?

How does the offer of a free application fee sound? This offer is one commonly offered by property management companies. Considering these fees can sometimes be as much as $50 per adult tenant, the savings are significant. Perhaps a reduced deposit, or a half-off first month’s rent is a special that you could benefit from using. These ideas are just a handful of the many that will send more people running to rent your properties.